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PIZZA REPUBLICA family is focused on providing locals with an unforgettable pizza experience!


Our 48 hour fermentation process is the secret to our crispy base and fluffy ciabatta style crust. Our motto is: if its not hand stretched its not pizza!

We use local and international suppliers to insure the freshest and tastiest ingredients.

In the spirit of tradition, our menu is based on classic Italian flavours, however embraces modern flavours and techniques to create a unique experience.

Our authentic Italian donut recipe has been passed down from generations. As the original creators of the DSP "Donut Snack Pack", we are thrilled to present our decadently designed donuts which are guaranteed to arouse your senses and hit the spot of any sweet tooth!


We are excited to introduce a progressive style of Pizza and Donuts to Surrey Hills and hope that our passion can be tasted in every slice!!

Sugared Italian Donuts being Tossed
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